Understanding and Maximizing the Concept of Digitalization

The understanding of the concept of digitalization as the new normal is of utmost importance for maximizing all the benefits that come with it. Digitalization provides a platform to promote the potential of different individuals to the people anywhere in the world in need of such abilities. It helps to bring to fore the abilities and skills of the individual. It however cannot promote that which is lacking in an individual.

Therefore the concept of digitalization postulates that the height you will reach depends on the depth you can cover. You cannot give what you don’t have. Nemo dat quod non habet.

“The limitation in the new normal is mental disability and not physical disability”

Dr. Dayo Sobowale

The Myth about Digitalization (What is is not)

Nowadays, many people are having difficulties maximizing the concept of digitalization due to lack of understanding. This is based on wrong beliefs, assumptions and myths. Some of these myths are discussed as follows;

  1. Computer Guru: Computer expertise is not a criteria for understanding digitalization. All you need is basic knowledge and understand how to operate your phone. With a simple android phone you are good to go.
  2. It is for youths: Some elderly people hold this perception and it is very wrong. Digitalization is for everybody who has something to offer. It is for the content carriers and professionals. The digital world is earnestly waiting for those who have originality and are ready to showcase their talents.
  3. Gives quick money: this is great lie from the pit of hell. Digitalization requires some processes to make money. It cannot happen overnight.

The Facts About Digitalization (What it is)

Having espoused the myths around digitalization, it is necessary to explain the facts; these are as follows:

  1. Personal Discovery: this is key to digitalization. If you need to study your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you go far in the digital world. It is what you understand about yourself that you will sell to the world.
  2. Crete a Niche: after self-discovery, you need to create a niche for yourself. This is your selling point. If you really want to matter in the digital world, your niche is your hope. This is what you will be known for, respected and paid for.
  3. Purpose Oriented: you must have a purpose, else you become a digital wanderer. What exactly are you seeking for; relevance or profit? Until you answer this question, you will keep wasting data, precious time and resources. You will just be doing for fun what others are doing for funds.
  4. Traffic: This is the basis of having relevance and making profits in digitalization. The more readers, hits, subscribers the more profit. You need to learn digital marketing skills to understand the principles of creating traffic.
  5. Patience: this is a must have virtue for anyone willing to succeed in the digital world. Follow the rules and procedures and nothing will stop you from reaching the top.

Your NICHE must be RICH for you to REACH the World…”

Dr. Dayo Sobowale

Digitalization and You (What it Needs)

In conclusion, understanding and maximizing the concept of digitalization is basically to market your content to the countries. It is a platform to remove the boundaries around the people you can reach with your talents. Digitalization will promote your profession, potential and your person to the people that needs you most. Digitalization will take you away from those tolerating you to those appreciating you. Definitely, you cannot afford to remain analogue, its time to move to the new normal.

“Some people are digital wanderers because they fail to understand their own personality”

Dr. Dayo Sobowale

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Dr. Dayo Sobowale (MNSE, R. Engr, LL.B)

Credits: https://www.dayosobowale.com

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