Curriculum Policy

LICO is resolute in her quest to exposing her students to the required and all-round knowledge that would not only make them complete students but also equip and prepare them to becoming potential champions nationally and internationally. In achieving this, a well-designed curriculum is strictly adhered to and religiously followed by all participants – teachers and students alike.

LAUTECH International Colleges’ curriculum is broadly divided into the Junior Secondary School (JSS) and the Senior Secondary School (SSS). The JSS is a three-year course comprising JS1, JS2 and JS3 where students are expected to be taken through a series of schemes of work. Students are, as well, subjected to both formative and summative tests throughout the three-year course. (The same applies to the Senior Secondary School)

Composition of Overall Marks

LICO believes both in the formative and summative evaluation of students. In view of this, the overall / total marks a student can score in each of the subjects are grouped into two viz: Continuous Assessment (CA) and Examination. The continuous Assessment is 30% while the Examination is 70%.

The Continuous Assessment is an aggregation of all class activities such as tests, note grading, class work, projects and take home assignments.

Assessment Methods

At LICO Group of schools, we employ different assessment methods to evaluate our students with a view to ascertaining whether or not the objectives set out in the curriculum are met or achieved.

These methods include:

  • Short answer questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Structured Data / Response questions etc..

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