Admission Policy

An intending student purchases, completes and submits an application form. He/She then writes an admission exam (for JS1) or a placement assessment test in English Language, Mathematics and other core subjects if on transfer. A student on transfer is required to present his/her last school result. The final selection is based primarily on the candidate’s performance in the admission exam or placement test even though, a good performance in school exam may be an added advantage.

Entry Requirements

Students to be admitted into the college should have attained a minimum age of Ten (10) years for Junior Secondary School and Thirteen (13) for Senior Secondary School and must present the following after an acceptable performance in the entrance examination;

  1. Primary School leaving certificate; Testimonial for JSS 1
  2. Student performance sheet in addition to (a) above for JSS 2
  3. Students BECE result for students into Senior Secondary School

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